Septembers Vegan Cuts Box

  A little late on this review I know, but I wanted to share Septembers Vegan Cuts Beauty Box that has not disappointed.  I've really enjoyed the products thus far and have been surprised yet again to have lucked out in the colour selection they provided me. Luxie Beauty Eye Shadow Brush dense, yet soft … Continue reading Septembers Vegan Cuts Box


My new favorite…

When I got this dry shampoo in my Vegan Cuts monthly beauty box, I was a little curious if this powdered dry shampoo would work.  Would it sit on my head like dandruff?  Would it end up on my shirt?  In my eye brows?  Would it even end up on my head?  I found the design of … Continue reading My new favorite…

Catching Up

Hi there, it’s been a little while since I last posted.  My plans to post daily with progress apparently were too much for me.  Life has been overwhelming, to put things mildly.  Lots of new things going on that myself and my family are not use to.  We have had new life, death, new paths and … Continue reading Catching Up